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The Value of Regression

What is Regression?

Prenatal experiences
Inner Child Work; parts of ourselves stuck in a situation, not able to continue.
Experiences in the Life Between Life (LBL)
Experiences of lives in other times
Accidents and operations
Attached energies of others or loved ones
Internalizations and pattern of oneself
Internalizations and patterns through generations/ family legacies

The session can usually be divided into two parts; The first is to make the necessary determinations with the regression part. The second part is energy work and healing and conversion to release and integrate all loads.
Yes, we cannot change what happened in the past, but with this work, if we freeze and shut down our feelings, blockages, our feelings that the past has created on us, or if these emotions have created other feelings (helplessness, failures, blockages) within us, we can transform them.
Regression study can be done closely or remotely. In remotely, the person is in his / her own environment and a voice connection is established by calling the person over the phone.
 “We know that ALL THE PAIN” we bring from the past must be revealed and healed. As long as this improvement does not take place, these PAIN will continue to repeat itself at certain times in our lives, unless we find out and cure why these "OLD PAINS" originated.The solution begins with finding the source of PAIN.
What miracles are waiting for us to get rid of the source of these sufferings and transform them with the regression session?
Why should we remain in the past while living now?

When you look at the word meaning, it means "take it back." With this study, we reach past life memories in a very mild transgender state.
Regression assumes that every problem has a cause and a source. In the regression session, we may encounter a situation such as your returning to your youth or your childhood. The people we encounter in this life, we love or dislike for no reason, our abilities that we use or don't use, our unfounded fears, our problems are the results that have been transferred from our past lives to the present day and still have an effect on us. Our phobias, love, fears, problems we experience in our relationships, the traces we carry from our past lives. For example, when you were young, you were abused, humiliated or subjected to violence, and you still suffer from it. Or you suffer from something else and you do not understand what is the reason of this. During light trans, you are aware of your consious, you are both at the present and remember the time you went. What makes this therapy so curative can bring back lost, forgotten, suppressed, or undigested experiences to your current consciousness so you can transform them here and now.
With this session, we come across many examples where personality limits are exceeded.
Instances we can come across:

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