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Our logo depicts Triskele, the ancient Celtic symbol. Triskele has many different comments. Triskelion Symbol Derived from the Greek word "Triskeles" meaning "three legs", Triskele or Triple Spiral is a complex ancient Celtic symbol.
The symbol is a motif consisting of a triple helix that exhibits rotational symmetry. The spiral design is thought to be based on the intertwined Archimedes spirals or represent the human arm coming out of the center and curled like an octopus. Triskele has gained widespread use in Celtic culture since 500 BC. This archaic symbol is believed to reflect many cultural spheres of time. There are three arms in the logo that come from the main center. It may be thought that triskele represented the movement, as all these three arms seemed to move out of the center. It is believed to represent the energies of movement or movement, especially the movement of action, cycle, progress, revolution and competition within this Celtic Symbol. Second, and the more challenging area for symbolists, is the precise symbolic importance of the three branches of triskele. This can vary depending on the period, culture, mythology, and history, so there are a lot of variations on what these three extensions in the triple helix symbol mean.
Some of these associations are:
• life-death-rebirth,
• spirit-mind-body,
• mother-father-child,
• past-present-time-future,
• The power-mind-love
• creation-protection-destruction are some of them.
Each of them deals with some aspects of personal development, human development and spiritual progress. 
Based on these connotations, are you ready to go out on your own inner journey based on your center and discover your essence and the mystery within you?

Due to the Corona virus, we need to do our work online until the next announcement ...

But right now, regression subconscious session, pilates excercises, meditation and breathing work are more important than ever. ⁠

For this reason, we have launched a special online platform until we will start online lessons and live sessions again!

Some will be live, and some will be recorded just a few hours ago, so it's a great way to continue practicing with your teacher, relax and strengthen your immune system!

To join our online classes, you can register on our website and make your payments…

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