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Celtic Philosophy

The essence of the Celtic philosophies are at the heart of a modern approach to our work.  The initial philosophy we view as important is a sense of community, where we recognise the importance of our own community and those of other people. Sharing our experiences, supporting each other and growing together are an important part of daily life in the Celtic Community. We all walk our own paths, yet when we come together in person, or online, we use our experiences as a way of finding commonality and shared perspective.  Thus, the Celtic Reiki community is not based upon exclusivity, but on celebration of our diversity. We are all unique, and it is our differences that make a community what it is. No tree in a forest is more ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ than any other; they do not have a hierarchy, nor does any one tree exist in complete separation from any other. All trees experience the entire forest (and beyond that, the Earth) from their own perspective. The trees of the forest live as a holarchy, an interrelated, bio-ecosystem that exists for the most part in balance and harmony.  The Celts were also very aware of their Earth-self. The understanding that we are not disconnected from the Earth, or separate from her. We are the Earth, and he is us. No matter how far we travel or what we do in our lives, we can never travel far from the fact that every part of our being is part of the Earth and every action we take is an experience of the Earth. The Celts had a profound understanding of this and it was a vital part of their cultural heritage. Whilst we may live in cities and towns, we are still part of the natural world, even though we often forget this.  The Celtic Reiki ethos is focused upon proactively remembering the perspectives of our Celtic ancestors and reintroducing those perspectives into our lives. Doing so offers us a deep happier lifestyle and holistic healing.

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