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Henüz randevu alabileceğiniz hizmetimiz yok.

Join Seda and Dilek for a GROUP SESSION that  will increase your personal awareness, cleanse your body from negative energies and make you stronger and make you feel tightened with its high energy creates a detox effect. A deep connection, inner harmony and Healing journey. Seda and Dilek guide you in the comfort of your own home in your online classes.

Now we need to be strong and focus on our main and our inner self, no matter how severe the storms inside and outside. The better we do this and go down to our essence, the more relaxed and we can be healed. Let's get together for this journey, strengthen ourselves and become a compass first for ourselves, then for our family and then for the whole world.

We look forward to welcoming you ...

Breath is life itself that starts with the first breath and ends with the last breath. Your breathing quality determines your quality of life. We lose the perfect flow of breath that we take at the time of birth and after birth, and we lose our connection with the whole. Transformational Breath is a powerful, loving and self-healing technique, whose purpose is to expand and deepen the breath. Incomplete breathing makes the person selfish. The person is concerned only with his own situation. It constantly carries fear and anxiety. In a mood that is completely disconnected, extremely connected to life, it has the fear of death and anxiety to lose. Missing breath also triggers feelings of loneliness and helplessness. The most important condition for breathing is to provide oxygen and carbon dioxide exchange. Undoubtedly, oxygen is needed in order for the body to move, think, organs, hormones, and the whole system to operate to ensure continuity of life. The personal awareness of those who can use the diaphragm breath with the right breath is in place, the person first questions his own existence and finds his own reality. It transforms thought into silence and calm. With diaphragm breathing, the person learns to breathe correctly using deeper and fuller breaths and diaphragm. Over time, the person who starts to use the maximum breathing capacity starts to get the oxygen that his body needs daily. For a happy, healthy and high-quality life, it is necessary to breathe correctly and consequently sufficient oxygen. The ability of organs and cells to perform their duties is directly proportional to the energy needed, that is, oxygen, breath, and enough nutrition to your body.

Do you want to open up the blockages in the breathing system by taking connected and deep diaphragm breaths and feel the uninterrupted circulation of oxygen in your body?

Are you ready to experience the miracles that Transformational Breath will provide you?

PROCESS: The customers who applied to this course before the due date will be added to a Whatsapp group. The online course links and other necassary information according to the courses will be provided there.

PAYMENTS: You can fill out the form using the 'Book Now' button above and pay using iDeal or Credit Card.

Program participation passwords will be sent to the payers by e-mail.

A minimum of 5 reservations are required for group sessions.


Make sure to make the obtional payment  and sign up at least 1 hour before the start time. Otherwise, we cannot process your registration on time. You will receive a link to your class up to 5 minutes before the start. If you haven't received the email, please check your spam folder as well. Since the platform we use does not allow late entries, be sure to join in time for the live session!

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